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Meet the makers...Kirralee & Co!

September 11, 2017


Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you and what do you make?
My name is Kirralee Robinson and I am the creative director behind Kirralee & Co, a small woodworking business located near Ipswich in Queensland. Together with my husband Ash and our apprentice Jordana we make minimalist homewares from reclaimed timbers. Our collections include vases, artisan knives, shelving and furniture.

What was the thing that made you think ‘yes, i’m going to do this’?
There’s so much satisfaction to be had when working with timber. I think I was first hooked by the difference you can make when sanding, but really the whole process is quite enticing. I find timber is a natural and very tactile material, which is easy to manipulate into useful items. Oh and it smells great too!

Can you tell us about the ethics of the company?
We want to provide high quality homewares that not only last a long time but are also planet friendly. All our timbers are sustainably sourced and we operate out of a solar powered workshed.

What inspires your designs?
Most of our new designs come about when we combine function with the form of the timber. We love making things that can be used in many ways so function usually comes first. Sometimes the timber grains are so amazing that we see it as our job to show it off as best as we can.

Where do you source your materials from? Is there something in particular you look for in timber?
Our timbers come from a wide variety of sources, some donated, some rescued from becoming landfill and others purchased second hand. When we buy timbers we’re really looking for striking grain, quality hardwoods and rich timber colours.

Kirralee & Co Craft Knives

What were you doing Kirralee and Co got started?
Prior to running our small business I worked casually as a florist and stayed at home with our 3 kids. Ash was a roofer and now works as a paramedic.

What’s your favourite piece at the moment?
Anything we make from my fav timbers, which include ironbark and walnut. Can’t seem to get enough of those.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I would love to make larger scale furniture pieces as well as pieces that are more sculpture focused.
And, finally, what’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?
Coffee first (piccolo) followed by avocado on toast, so clearly I’ll never be a homeowner ;)

Check out all our Kirralee & Co pieces here! 

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