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PF Candles are the best candles in town...

September 02, 2017
Pf Candles

The beach boys wished they all could be California girls - we wish they all could be California candles! P.F. Candles that is. Named for the adorable fact that Pomme Frites, when pronounced correctly, sounds like founder Kristen Pumphrey’s last name. These incredibly unique candles are one of the most popular items in the store and we have some thoughts on why...

Apothecary inspiration. The beautiful brown glass jar, brown paper packaging and brassy lids hark back to an old-fashioned apothecary feel. They work so well in any kind of space, with their subtlety and understated style.

Unique scents. Unlike other brands, PF candles don’t stock simple classics. Their unique scents are so individual in inspiration, and span the range from dark and woodsy, to bright and fresh. Once you start sniffing these candles, it’s impossible to stop until you’ve investigated the whole range (and we have a handy little bowl of coffee beans to re-set your scent receptors if needs be). Teakwood and Tobacco is a particular obsessive favourite of the Showroom family!

A little bit of love. Each candle from the PF candles range is made from soy wax, cotton wicks, and fine fragrance oils. They are all hand poured, packed and shipped by a tight-knit, fun-loving team in Los Angeles. (Check out their insta-stories for behind the scenes at the warehouse!)

Something for everyone. Whether you want the bright, refreshing hit of Sweet Grapefruit, the comforting, enveloping scent of Frankincense and Oud, or something mystical and light like Mojave, there is a PF Candle for you - and their classic simple style will bring a little California magic to any space.

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