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Soaked Grains Breakfast Bowl

October 07, 2017

We might fight it...we might not want to acknowledge it's true...we might actually be excited about it...but one way or another it's true: Winter is over. The hot months are here. Time to pack away that porridge saucepan. But not time to pack away the oats, grains and honey! Because one of the best ways to wake up when the sun rises fast and hot is with a bowl of delicious Bircher-style cereal.

Usually that means rolled oats soaked in either dairy or nut milk. In this particular case we've used a combination of grains, including oats, quinoa flakes, and rolled rye flakes. The combination makes for a new and interesting bowl of cereal. You can soak the grains in anything you like, but after many years of almond, soy, rice and other alternative milks, we've recently turned back to good old calcium-rich dairy. By all means, use whatever you like! Coconut milk is also delicious. Topped with a bunch of fresh summer fruit, some Bee One Third Honey and Bee pollen, you really can't go wrong!

There's no real recipe here, other than to say that about a half a cup of grains, or a good-sized handful of oats per person is about right (they will swell to just under twice their size) and all you need to do is pop them into a jar, covered by about a centimeter by liquid, and leave them overnight.

And it's so easy to ring the changes! Think dried fruits, nuts, different flavours of honey (we've got a bunch of options in store), cooked fruit, grated apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla - the world is your grain bowl! 

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