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Why we love...Mork Hot Chocolate!

September 23, 2017

For those with a passion for chocolate, everyone has ‘their way’ of making the best hot chocolate. Mork Chocolate - started in Melbourne in 2012 - presents an entirely new model, with ethically sourced cacao powders that melt into your preferred milk to create a creamy nectar of the gods.

The story behind this is all rather fun - the Mork gang wanted to see chocolate - specifically the cacao bean - treated with the same respect and joy as coffee, so they founded the first artisan cacao company, maintaining a transparent focus on tracking the origins and quality of their ingredients. The result is a range of cacao powders that make the best hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted (made all the sweeter by knowing that it was made ethically!), and that provide information on their journey from farm to cup.

This range is geared towards lovers of dark cacao, but also provides options for those with a sweeter tooth. Their bestseller is the ‘Original Dark’, a blend of 70% cacao from Venezuela; these same beans also make up ‘Even Darker’, an 85% blend. For those starting their cacao journey they make ‘Junior Dark’ (50% cacao from Peru), and a creative mix that sits somewhere in the middle of milk and dark chocolate called ‘Dark Milk and Salt’, a 65% cacao blend from Madagascar that adds some river salt into the mix. All these products are slightly sweetened with unrefined coconut blossom sugar, which balances instead of overwhelming.

As self-confessed chocolate-fiends we love nothing more than sipping a warm mix of Original Dark and organic milk (preferably in white and blue Falcon Enamelware, it's just a really satisfying combination) whilst we work! It hits the perfect balance of sweet, bitter and creamy, as is even better when shared between friends. If you ask super nicely we might even make you a cup to sample ;)

Click here to check out our range of Mork! 

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