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Why we love…. NEWEND Jewellery

September 30, 2017

Our team are constantly on the lookout for *that piece*. That everyday piece of jewellery that is both light and durable enough to wear everyday, but also makes an unique statement. And we’re very excited to tell you that that we think we’ve found it in Melbourne brand NEWEND’s collection.  Here’s some reasons why…

Quality! Each piece is handcrafted from sterling silver - these babies are built to last, and if you take good care of them, they certainly will! Each item is a small protest against fast fashion, and a commitment to supporting local and ethical artisans. That being said, the price range ($25-$60) is super reasonable considering their material and excellent craftsmanship.

Options! We’ve got a wide range of earrings and rings available, varying from bold statements to subtle detail, and from comfortingly weighty to light-as-air. Each piece is sold individually, so you can wear it exactly as you want, and layer them up in unique ways. NEWEND supports individuality, asymmetry and diversity, so no one is prescribing how you should wear these pieces.

Details! NEWEND’s attention to detail is truly spectacular, both in the jewelry itself AND its brand ethos. Many of the pieces involve intricate chain or movable details which reflect incredible craftsmanship, and will add a little bit of magic into your everyday. NEWEND’s design in inspired by the symbol of the Ouroboros - a serpent coiled back on itself; for NEWEND, this cyclical and mystic image is intended as a daily reminder to respect change, be adaptable, and remain mindful.

All this being said, nothing compares to seeing and feeling these beauties in real life - drop by for a visit and we can chat about the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you find *that piece*.

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