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Why we love QWSTION bags!

September 09, 2017


A bag is a bag is a bag….but then there are those bags which you just love. Often it’s impossible to say why, and just as often you know exactly the feature - be it the size, or the zips, or the shape - that makes it the best damn bag you’ve ever owned. The gentlemen who started QWSTION understand that the force behind either of these feelings is good design. And as product designers, this is the ethos that they bring to QWSTION.

The brand staunchly rejects being defined as a fashion label, when instead they are a brand for products. They exist to solve the problem of urban dwellers who need no less functionality in their bag than those in a rural setting, but who still need to be able to bring them to meetings or out with friends. So these beautiful bags feature the leather details, neutral colours and fashionable shapes that look so clean and aesthetically modern, along with the durability, utility and functionality of the hardest working bags around.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful, durable bag to take on the train to work, or filled with books to uni, or packed to the brim with snacks for the kids (and the adults) to the park on the weekend, you really couldn’t do better than a QWSTION. Almost all of the bags convert to a back-pack configuration (the straps are super versatile) so they’re especially great for cyclists, and wherever possible the bags are made from environmentally sound materials, often organic, and even recycled. The fabrics are all natural, vegetable dyed, and water resistant - these bags just will not let you down! We love them!


Check out our range of QWSTION bags here! 

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