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Why we love...West End Tea Co.

September 18, 2017

West End Tea Co, born in that little borough across the river from us, epitomises exactly what a cup of tea should be. Founder Tess Walker wanted Brisbane to experience the culture, tradition and ritual that makes a high quality tea so magical, at a price point that lets you indulge in it every day, not just on the special occasions when your nanna comes to visit (you’re braver than us if you’ve ever tried to give your nan a regular old teabag in a mug).

Not only is this tea immensely drinkable, it also oozes cool- from the recyclable, reusable, refillable amber-glass jars they come packed in right down to the unique hand mixed blends (red rooibos based vanilla spiced chai, anyone?). Speaking of those blends, they’re all crafted from certified organic ingredients and hand packed right here in Brisbane. Once you’ve finished your pot, those leaves can be used in your garden, or added to the compost; win, win.

Here at Showroom we’ve been running a few experiments that we like to call the Double Tea Experience. To really ramp afternoon tea up a notch we’ve been hard at work in the kitchen. One of our more successful experiments was a lighter-than-air Earl Grey chiffon cake, paired with a cup of classic English Breakfast Tea. As a close runner up we had the decadently rich dark chocolate cake, spiced with Indian Masala Chai. Though a little counter-intuitive we found that it was a real winner when served with a steaming pot of Delightfully Turkish rose tea. The delicate tea flavours gently steeped into the buttery cake batter really elevate the flavour and make it something unexpectedly magical. If there is a better plan than sitting in the sunshine and tucking into some cake and tea with your favourite person (let’s be honest, that’s your nan), then I haven’t heard it.

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