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Showroom is a retail and event space owned by creative entrepreneurs.

We’re re-thinking traditional retail with a new collective model that supports creative entrepreneurs and provides customers with a destination shopping experience quite unlike any other in Brisbane.

By bringing together a broad range of merchandise from popular web-based designers (plus some up and comers too!) Showroom is the first boutique in Brisbane to offer customers the chance to source the coolest stuff from the web in the real world where they can to see it, feel it, and even meet the person who made it.

Cinque Terre

Gregory Masouras

portrait with Mickey mouse. Photo © Gregory Masouras.

Here’s how it works: Inside our heritage downtown loft at 104 Edward St, Showroom stocks an ever-changing collection of high quality products drawn from the Australian blogosphere’s favourite web-based brands. We invite top stylists and bloggers to guest curate areas of the shop, and we host events such as workshops and Insta-Meets where likeminded design lovers can come together to learn new skills and socialise.

As a hub for socially savvy businesses, Showroom organically encourages its members to bolster each other in ways that add value to their individual brands and enrich our customers’ experience of them; you can see this social collaboration at work on Facebook and Instagram via the hashtag #teamshowroom.

Whether you’re a design lover, creative small business owner, or a casual observer of what’s fresh and happening in Brisbane, we hope you’ll be as excited about this bold new vision as we are.

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